Reduce the drag coefficient and increase the airflow efficiency by 10%
  The air duct is the artery of the wireless vacuum cleaner. The aerodynamic resistance will affect the transmission of suction in the vacuum cleaner, and the quality of the air duct directly determines the dust absorption efficiency of the vacuum cleaner.
  The curved design of the traditional air duct will affect the suction power, while the badly designed air duct means a greater loss of suction power. The linear air track design developed by Puppyoo innovatively boosts the suction power and improves the efficiency of dust removal.
  In the new generation of vacuum cleaners, the T12 series, the linear air track is upgraded again. With the motor, dust cup, and cyclone aligned in a straight line, we effectively improve the airflow efficiency and suction power. Through the analysis of the flow performance of the whole machine, we built the optimization model of the central air inlet structure, which reduces the wind resistance coefficient, thereby improving the efficiency of dust collection and prolonging the service life of vacuums. Take the new product T12 Mate an example, compared with T10 Plus, the airflow efficiency of T12 Plus is increased by 10%.
1. Optimized linear air track. Compared with T10 Plus, the airflow efficiency is increased by 10%. The data comes from Puppyoo Lab)
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