Puppyoo’s next-gen proprietary brushless motor M50 is the most powerful and fastest brushless motor in Puppyoo’s motor design history, with a speed of up to 125,000 revolutions per minute. The brushless motor M50 is equipped in the T12 series, which has a total power of 535W, a suction power of over 170AW, and a 41.6% increase in suction power compared to our last model.
Lightweight:  By reducing the size of the impeller and magnetic core using lighter material for the holder, we made the whole machine lighter
High static pressure and low noise:  Innovative use of honeycomb annular supercharger to achieve high static pressure and low noise of the motor in the high-speed mode
Improved motor efficiency: The use of split sintered magnets to reduce eddy currents and improve the efficiency of the motor to a greater extent
1. The data is the speed comparison between T10 Plus and T12 Plus, T10 Plus rotates 110,000 revolutions per minute, and T12 Plus rotates 125,000 revolutions per minute;
2. The data is the operating power comparison between T10 Plus and T12 Plus, T10 Plus is 380W, T12 Plus is 535W;
3. The data is the suction power comparison of T10 Plus and T12 on Strong mode, the suction power of T10 Plus strong mode is 120AW, and the suction power of T12 Plus strong mode is 170AW.
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