T12 Mate

  • What does the OLED display screen show?

    It shows how the machine is working, how much power the battery has, dust bin emptying alerts, missing dust bin, brush cleaning alert, charging indicator and others. After being the fully charged, the display will turn itself off in 10 seconds.
  • What is the irregular texture on my machine?

    The surfaces of part of the injection molding components for the product have some injection molding textures, which are unfixed lines generated when the plastic particles containing metal powder are molten into liquid flow and then flow in the mold. Such lines are similar to unique human fingerprint.
    We are committed to make your product more beautiful and have metal texture, so we adopt this injection molding process with metal lustre. These lines look like DNA of the product, being integrated into the blood of Puppyoo high-end product.
  • Why can't I rotate the dust bin off the machine?

    You don't need to rotate the dust bin off because we're using a magnetic design. You can just take it off as is instructed in the operation manual. 
  • Why doesn't the vacuum cleaner work anymore?

    Please check if there's any power left in the battery. If there is, check if there's any blockage in the brush or air duct. If they are blocked, clean them and wait for 60-120 mins before restarting the machine. To prevent overheating, the machine will shut off automatically when blockage happens.
  • Why is the vacuum's suction power getting weaker in use?

    It is likely that the air duct is blocked. First, check if there's any blockage in dust bin, filtration system, HEPA filter. Clear any dust in these part, restart the machine and check if the suction power recovers. If the vacuum is used daily, we recommend you to change the HEPA filter every 3-6 months; if the suction power does not recover, check if there's blockage in extension tube and brushes. Clear the blockage. 
  • Why does my OLED display screen went black?

    The display will go black when the machine ran out of power, please charge the vacuum with the original charger (when other chargers are used, the display will show "charging malfunction" and turn itself off in 2 seconds). Besides, make sure not to charge the vacuum in extreme temperatures, otherwise the display will go black. The machine should only be charged between 0 ℃-45℃.
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