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T12 Mate

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• 170AW suction power, stronger than strong
• Motorized double roller brush, made for different floors
• OLED display screen showing working status and malfunction alerts
• Intelligent suction system, automatically adjust suction power according to dust amount
• 60 mins long run time, made for your entire home
• Magnetic dust bin, easy to install and remove
• Combined storage and charging dock, multiple charging methods
• Plenty accessories make cleaning more flexible
• Motorized mattress brush can be used to remove mites in bedding, pillows, sofa and clothes
Price: $ 399.99

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5    Suction power is excellent

 Crystal   2022-01-11

Dust bin empty function and filter access and cleaning easier than Dyson. Functionally equal to or better. Excellent quality and a reasonable price is a combination that is hard to beat.Well worth the investment. We have 1 black lab in our house and 3 females all with long hair. The hair does not get tangled with this vacuum because of its design thus making it the perfect vacuum for anyone with long hair and pets in their home. I use it on both carpet and hardwood floors. Suction power is great and its super easy to clean. Very easy to use but I suggest locking the power button on when you use it. Battery life lasts great so far!
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