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T12 Plus Rinse

  • What are the four different modes?

    Super, Auto, Eco, Mopping modes.
  • How to enter mopping or vacuuming mode?

    Default mode is "vacuuming + mopping", which drains the battery very quick. Hold the power button for 3 seconds, you can enter "mopping" only mode. 
    NOTE, this does NOT mean the machine is broken and cannot do vacuuming any more.
  • Can I add sterilizing fluids in the water tank?

    The water tank is digitally controlled and contains circuits and other precision components. We recommend you use only water, NEVER add sterilizing fluids or other chemicals to the water tank in case of damaging it. If the floor needs to be sterilized, spray the sterilizing fluid on the mop cloth. 
  • How many modes are there to control the water?

    There are 3 modes. The middle one is off mode, making dry-mopping possible for the user. On the left with one-drop is low volume mode, on the right with two drops is high volume mode. You may choose which mode according to your cleaning goals. 
  • What does the OLED display screen show?

    It shows how the machine is working, how much power the battery has, dust bin emptying alerts, missing dust bin, brush cleaning alert, charging indicator and others. After being the fully charged, the display will turn itself off in 10 seconds.
  • What is the irregular texture on my machine?

    The surfaces of part of the injection molding components for the product have some injection molding textures, which are unfixed lines generated when the plastic particles containing metal powder are molten into liquid flow and then flow in the mold. Such lines are similar to unique human fingerprint.
    We are committed to make your product more beautiful and have metal texture, so we adopt this injection molding process with metal lustre. These lines look like DNA of the product, being integrated into the blood of Puppyoo high-end product.
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